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Sell My Gold – Here at Estate Buyers Boca Raton, we understand how sought after gold is and it’s important role at being a currency outside of a jewelry. We accept gold coins, gold scraps, gold jewelry, and all other gold goods at highest value. Our professional appraisers will value your gold for you and we’ll offer the top dollar for it. With our developed relationships with our clients, we guarantee you’ll want to keep coming back to us consistently due to our better offers and better service compared to our competitors. We aim to ensure our clients are satisfied and to give our client’s the best possible price for their high quality gold.

Estate Buyers Boca Raton will appraise and offer you cash for any type of gold regardless of the type of good. Our full white glove services are available to you even at the comfort of your home. Give Estate Buyers Boca Raton a call if you are interested in having your gold appraised and sold for at top dollar, then we will take care of the rest and make sure you’re comfortable throughout the process and take of your gold. Even if our client’s don’t end up making the sale with them, we always give our clients the appraisal value so they can leave with the comfort of knowing the value of their gold.

Sell My Antiques

Here at Estate Buyers Boca Raton, we pride ourselves in being certified antique buyers for all antiques you may have in your home that you believe may have some sort of value.  We buy all quality of antiques, no matter how old. Our professionals are experts at appraising and examining any antiques you may have that includes old pocket watches, old pendants, and many more antiques. If you would like more information on our services on buying antiques, diamonds, and gold, come by our store or give us a call today!

Estate Buyers Boca Raton look to try and find high quality antiques on quality and size, including fine china, old hardware, old timepieces, old furniture, and a lot more. Even outside those limitations, we accept many types of antiques and have them sent to our professional appraisers. We share the value of the antiques to the client if we don’t accept them, so even if we may not want them the client can be rest assured of the value of their items. Any antiques that we accept, we will offer top dollar in cash, beating any other estate buyers around. Our clients come first.

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