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Sell My Diamonds Fort Lauderdale – What will estate buyers like Premier Estate Buyers buy?

This depends on the company you’re working with. Some will buy everything in the house for slightly below market rate so that they can earn a profit by selling those items at market rate. The family receives the money immediately so they can pay the bills of the deceased and divide the money among the heirs. Other estate buyers focus on valuables. They’ll buy it for wholesale rates, providing a reasonable payment to heirs, before taking the time to repair items, polish them and sell them at retail prices. But what will most estate buyers buy?


Diamond buyers Fort Lauderdale and beyond will take almost any type of jewelry. They’ll be able to tell heirs if that’s a real diamond necklace or costume jewelry. They’ll quickly determine if the jewelry or fine dining set is silver plated or real silver. They’ll buy Mom’s old wedding ring, engagement ring and earrings. They don’t mind if the silver is tarnished or the chain is broken. They’ll fix it before selling it. You’ll be rid of the item and the associated memories, and you won’t have family fighting over who gets Dad’s favorite cuff-links or Mom’s wedding ring.


Estate buyers regularly buy coins, assuming they’re worth something. They can sort through a coin collection to find the rare silver coins with value on the market, and you’ll get far more than you would if you dumped the whole thing in a coin sorter.

Antiques and Historical Items

This category isn’t something every estate buyer will take, though Premier Estate Buy will. However, it also depends on the items themselves. For example, silver candle sticks and silver spoons have value because of the precious metals inside of them, as do coins containing precious metals. China, vases and other items have to be assessed, and in many cases, they have limited value.

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