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Sell My Coins Fort Lauderdale – What are the benefits of working with coin buyers?

Stop before you take dad’s old coin collection to the coin sorting machine. There may be some valuable coins in that collection. The collection may have value in and of itself, as well. You can try selling it yourself online or to a pawn shop. However, that would be a mistake. The better alternative is to work with a coin buyer. What are the benefits of working with coin buyers like Premier Estate Buy? And what will coin buyers buy?

Gold Coins

Gold coins have significant value because they contain gold. A coin buyer will be able to separate the commemorative coins with little value but look like gold from those that are made from real precious metals. A coin buyer will be able to sort through the stack and quickly tell you how much all of it is worth. When they give you an assessment, it will stand up in court if challenged. If they give you money for the gold coins, you can add that to the estate and divide it among the heirs. You avoid the legal challenges and security risks of trying to sell gold coins to the general public. Premier Estate Buy can meet you via a video chat or email to determine whether we need to meet in person.

Silver Coins

One of the most common requests coin buyers in Fort Lauderdale have are based in figuring out what to do with silver coins. For example, you don’t want to make the mistake of throwing Grandpa’s sixty year old coins in the coin sorter, since the old ones made from real silver are worth far more than their face value. Note that Premier Estate Buy will also take your old silverware.

Collectible Coins

Collectible coins range cover a wide gamut. Some are like old children’s toys that were kept as collectibles but have no value. Other collectible coins are almost as valuable as traditional gold and silver coins. Sometimes people throw out commemorative coins thinking that they’re the monetary equivalent to Princess Diana commemorative plates. Yet they may contain a significant amount of precious metals. Have collectible coins assessed before you let someone snap them up for pocket change. Premier Estate Buy will give you a fair market price within 24 hours, but we can often give you a price quote immediately.

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