Estate Buyers Palm Beach

What services do estate buyers in Palm Beach offer? What can Premier Estate Buy do for you?

A surprising number of estate buyers in Palm Beach won’t offer appraisals unless it is with the expectation that the appraiser will buy it. If you just want to have your artwork, jewelry, or collection appraised for insurance purposes, odds are that you’ll have to hit a variety of estate buyers to generate a few appraisals. This is a waste of your time and money. Come to Premier Estate Buy instead. We’ll appraise antiques, collections of all kinds, jewelry, loose gems, coins, Oriental rugs and vintage furniture. Find out what it is worth before you insure it or try to sell it.

Selling of Valuables
Premier Estate Buy is willing to buy your valuables, whether or not we appraise them. We’ll offer you a fair price for memorabilia, broken jewelry, loose stones, and old watches. We can take a large portion or the entire estate. We won’t take the one or two valuable items out of the lot and leave you wondering how you’ll dispose of the rest.

Are you downsizing? Do you need to empty out the storage closets full of collectibles or guest bedroom you’ve been using for storage? Call Premier Estate Buy. We’ll come over and appraise everything. Then you won’t make the mistake of selling valuable items for pennies on the dollar in a garage sale.

Estate Liquidation
An estate liquidation is just that – liquidating everything the person owns or owned. You can have a living estate sale, getting rid of almost everything before you move abroad or into a nursing home. Or you may be trying to sell everything quickly so that the deceased’s house can be sold. Let Premier Estate Buy make the process easier. We can assess everything of value so you can sell it for what it is worth or buy everything so that you don’t have to do anything else. Estate buyers Palm Beach residents hire don’t always offer this inclusive service, despite how valuable it is to their customers.

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