About Estate Buyers Boca

Estate Buyers Boca has been buying and selling items from our clients’ estate since 1984. Our professional team includes an extremely qualified and licensed group of appraisers, historians, and antique dealers. Our associates have worked for decades appraising jewelry and antiques and offering large compensation for all items to our clients, providing high quality liquidation. If you would like more information on our services including appraising and examining antiques, diamonds, gold, and antiques.

Estate Buyers Boca goes to try and find high quality antiques based on the quality (and trims if it’s a gem) and size, for fine china, hardware, timepieces, furniture, and a lot more. Estate Buyers Boca’s priority is understanding the value of the estate the client brings us, treasuring their jewelry, watches, jade, ivory, antiques, collectible, and all other antiques and spreading the awareness of their worth. Whether you’re cleaning out a relative’s home or finding old estate in an apartment, we buy and sell all types of jewelry and antiques.

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